A Christmas Message from all of us at Ramciel Magazine

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Soon many people throughout South Sudan and South Sudanese scattered throughout other lands will be gathering in churches and then taking to the streets to march, sing, and proclaim the good news. For those who believe in Christianity, this is a time to renew our faith in humanity, to remember that God’s forgives us, and to find forgiveness for others in our hearts. Never has forgiveness been more important to us as a nation. The cloud of civil turmoil has been calmed by an accord of peace. Let us all celebrate this year’s Christmas with love, joy, and peace in our hearts.

The New Year gives us hope that can start afresh, that we can make our nation a better place for all. Let us share willingly and greet one another with amity and understanding. May we direct our energies to the positives of life. Let us conduct ourselves with dignity
and pride and with love towards our fellow South Sudanese. May this New Year begin with hope and a conviction that peace has come. Let us pray that trust in our leaders will be rewarded and that they will prove willing to work together and forge ahead in goodwill.

The holidays are a good time to let go of the past and to move towards the future. We South Sudanese have much to gain by working together in unity, harmony, and love. This holiday season is particularly special for our people in IDPS and refugee camps, for they now have something positive to look towards, an end to suffering and isolation. We count not only on our leaders but on every one of us, one and all, to create a lasting peace, one which be a sacred gift to all the people of the Republic of South Sudan We at Ramciel wish all our readers and all the people of South Sudan wherever they may be and whatever they may believe the best of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and peace and dignity to us all.


Deng Mayik Atem

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