Continuing The Legacy

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I woke up to exciting news, my little nephew Bol Manute Bol was being drafted into the NBA. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I woke my infant daughter for her breakfast. Her fingers traced the drops along my face.

 When we lost our brother, Manute Bol, it had torn my heart apart. Nothing will ever bring him back. But looking at his children, I knew that one of them would continue their father’s legacy. When, on June 20th, Bol Manute was picked for the Denver Nuggets—just one day after the anniversary of his father’s death in 2010—it was a time for rejoicing.

Thank you, God, for being with the entire Bol family and especially Manute’s mom all these difficult years. We are thankful that my brother’s name is alive and his place in professional basketball remembered. I wish he were here to witness his son’s being drafted into the NBA

Bol, know that all your family, friends, and the entire nation of South Sudan are proud

of you. We take pride in your accomplishments and support you all the way. As I think back to my own younger days when I, too, played basketball, I wish you many great games to come.


By Nybol Madut Bol

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