Creating an Effective Executive in Juba

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Since February 2020, the people of South Sudan have been waiting for the reformulated executive branch of the national government to become an effective agent committed to solving the problems of our nation. With a president and five vice-presidents, the executive branch of the government has failed to effectively meet the challenges of COVID19. The reorganization of the states of South Sudan has not taken place. The SPLM IG and SPLM IO continue to argue. The two major leaders, President Salva Kiir and FVP Dr. Riek Machar offer no cohesive vision.

Sadly, despite South Sudan’s natural resources, the people in our homeland are dependent on humanitarian aid from other nations and the money sent home by those of us living in Diaspora. Juba’s foreign policy lacks direction and our minister of foreign affairs has no clear mandate beyond waiting to see what Washington, Beijing, Oslo, London, and Tel Aviv might do and accepting whatever largesse are given. Right now, we hold our collective breath to see who will win the American election in 2020 and hope and fear how that result will impact our South Sudan. USA, LLC

One of the things we must recognize is that South Sudan is not important enough to warrant prioritization no matter who is in power in Washington or any other capital. That is why the political activity of all of us living in the diaspora is paramount. We need to vote in the interests of our homeland and make that commitment heard. At the same time, let us have no illusions. In the end, it is up to the leadership back in Juba to figure out how to improve the quality of life for South Sudanese. Starting with the current health crisis but then addressing education, healthcare, infrastructure, and opportunities for business: the leaders in Juba must create an effective executive branch.


By, Deng Mayik Atem

Publisher of Ramciel Magazine

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