Dr. Mogga Interviews Dr. June Nyanga

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Part one. My Journey to be a medical doctor.  In part 1, I sit down with Dr. June Nyanga and we discuss how she become interested in medicine, her preparation through high school and the application process. Watch this interview below. Dr. Nyanga attended medical school at University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Medicine class of 2019 and is currently doing her residency in Pediatrics in Austin, Texas.



Part two. 6 tips on entering into Medical School – Dr. Nyanga expands on what she thinks are 6 tips for applying to medical school. This is important information for a college student thinking of applying to medical school. Watch the full interview at this link below in Youtube.




By Noela Mogga  -Hi there. My name is Noela Mogga. I am a physician, mother, food blogger. I was born in South Sudan. I plan to showcase tasty South Sudan food recipes, traditional customs, and natural beauty regimens. When I am not busy practicing Anesthesiology in my adopted state of Texas, I can be found whipping delicious meals for my husband and children.



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