Junubia – Yaba Angelosi

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Peace remains the most common theme in most songs. Whether it is hip-hop or gospel, artists continue to voice the importance of peace for South Sudan to forge ahead.

Yaba Angelosi is among those who continue to popularize the genre outside of the country. Born Angelo Maku in South Sudan’s capital city of Juba, the artist immigrated to the US in 2000 and has been keen on developing his musical career. Angelosi’s music mixes catchy African traditional sounds with Western dance. He uses modern instrumentation and arrangements. He has performed internationally, including at The White House, during Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). His well-known singles include ‘Junubia’ and ‘Egoba’. His other release is ‘Nobody’. Jere Jere was recognized by the Grammy Awards two years ago as promising Upcoming Artist.


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