Promoting the Image of South Sudan Around the Globe

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Recently, I traveled from New York City to Nairobi on my way to Juba. After I checked in on Kenyan Airways, a message popped up on my cell phone. It was a warning from the U.S. State Department about current conditions in South Sudan. The warning indicated an alarming rate of crimes such as rape, carjacking, and murder. It also mentioned the civil strife that has been going on for so long. And, of course, there was a high rate of COVID-19 cases. The effect of such a warning would be to discourage any traveler from visiting South Sudan; yet is it the warning that every would-be visitor receives. It discourages tourists and investors, people whom our homeland desperately needs.

What is to be done to improve the image of South Sudan? Rich as we are in natural resources, abundant as our wildlife maybe, beautiful as our countryside is to see, we are not attracting visitors or investments. We must become the authors of our nation’s future. We must draw attention to the young men and women who are excelling in sports, music, and other arts. We must highlight the beautiful men and women who are learning to model and to create clothes. In short, we need to show the world that South Sudan is a place of possibilities.



As one of those living in the diaspora, I consider it a responsibility to tell the world about the promises of South Sudan, to point up the potentials for profit and pleasure for those who visit our nation. That is one of the goals of Ramciel Magazine, which I publish. Please join me in promoting the image of South Sudan around the globe.


~Deng Majik Atem

Publisher of Ramciel Magazine

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