Silver -X- Saimoo

A superstar artist, he is one of the most recognized musicians in South Sudan. His most popular hits are Carolina, Fetisu Sukol, Jesus the Master, Muwala, and Wele Masura. But it is not just his music that gets noticed. His unique dreadlock style is a different fashion on its own.

Gordon Koang and Ms. Nyanpal Two amazing South Sudan musical artists of our generation, they proudly represent some of the best in our country.


Bashir Jaythankz, founder and CEO of Nyuonville Film Company.

Mr. Jaythankz is an independent filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. His Nyuonville has produced over 70-plus skits, two short films and a feature film which are currently showing on YouTube Nyuonville TV channel. He enjoys traveling and swimming.

Alumnus of University of Nairobi, model, actress. As an alumnus of the University of Nairobi, and a South Sudanese model and actress with Ssollywood Global Production, Miss Longar is not just only a pretty face, but an intellectual as well.

Evance Chocho

Miss Chocho is a gorgeous South Sudanese woman based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Her personality shines through her Facebook page.

Nyarach Abouch Ayuel, model and actress.  Former STA 2017 winner with priceless smile, Nyarach has been featured in magazines such as  Ellen Africa.

Meet Diana Sabur Gasim: Alumnus of Makerere University.  Gasim was born in Rumbek, South Sudan in 1995. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Makerere  University, Kampala_Uganda in January 2019. She reflects a varied personality including ambition and qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. Her social character is heightened by her interests in traveling, community works, acting, playing basketball, and reading or watching inspirational stories. She has dreams of owning a reality TV talk show where she believes she will be able to share words of encouragement and inspirational life stories with the people.

Her message to the people: “Let us be the change we want to see in our country and let our hearts be filled with peace and light.”

Atongoya, comedian, actress, singer and a beautiful woman of many talents, Atongoya is a comedian, actress, and singer. Atong Guot. Founder of SSOLLYWOOD GLOBAL PRODUCTION

Adut Jennifer popularly known as Precious Dudu Majur.   A banker by profession, Miss Majur loves reading books and meeting new people.

Amlyia Deng, model, activist

Miss Deng is a beautiful South Sudanese model and former first runner up of Miss World South Sudan 2018-2019. But it is not just the natural beauty that defines Miss Deng, she is a smart and intelligent activist who is currently working on several projects including an upcoming novel and a plan to build a library in South Sudan. She believes it will help deliver more than just intellectual information for our generations and generations to come.

Yar Manyang Khang, from Makuach Payam, Jonglei

Currently, a finalist pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a specialization in Finance and Banking at Moi University, Eldoret Kenya, she is also working with Nile Sustainable Development Organization in South Sudan. Miss Khang utilizes her free time from college for photoshoots regardless of the location or timing, which has luckily landed her in some photo advertisements.


Being in the company of young children is what keeps her heart at peace and happy. She has learned that this has helped her know her desire for the future; seeing that every child in the streets of SSD has a place to call home.


She believes no child desires to be in the road, but due to unavoidable circumstances in life, some find themselves there. Miss Khang says that every child has a right to healthy living plus education, and that a street child does not get access to either. It is NEVER TOO LATE, THOUGH, because the clock’s hand could still be turned to its right hour through desire, hard work, determination, and patience, which is the mother of all.

Winners of Miss Achai Wiir 2018-2019 Miss Jeena Manut with by 1st Runner Athiei Atem and Miss Mariah Nyayeina Joseph during Miss Achai Wiir Beauty Pageant show in Juba.

William Akoi Mawwin Antislavery Usable Past

Miss Grace Bol graced the cover of Ramciel Magazine’s first edition. She is a South Sudanese-American with an iconic fashion and style who uses her influence in a positive way. Her supporters and fans are the inspiration behind everything she does.

Deng Angok and Amekjang Madak in Phoenix, Arizona during Ramciel Magazine’s online edition launch.

Miss Deng, is a beautiful 20-year-old model, actress, and currently a student at Juba University pursuing her Bachelors’s degree in Applied and Industrial Science. Fluent in three languages, Arabic, Dinka, and English. Miss Deng’s hobbies are reading novels, magazines, adventure stories, poems, and listening to music. In her free time, she plays volleyball and sharing funny jokes with children.

As a talented MC, she represents programs and ceremonies. She believes she won her fans’ love with the crown and title of Princess Nunu.

Miss Deng will promote her talent until she becomes a fashion designer. She is an  industrious young women and believes South Sudan is a rich land that needs hard workers. She plans to create industries in South Sudan a part of her greater ambition.

Achai Bol Giir

Giir, a.k.a. Queen of the River Nile. Miss Achai Bol Giir is a South Sudanese-Canadian actress, artist, and a model-based in Toronto, Ontario. Miss Achai Bol Giir graduated from the acting school, where she studied Acting for Voice and camera, and she also graduated from Law, Security, and Police Foundations, and also she is former 2010-2011 Miss South Sudan USA’s, First Princess. Nhier Du Amit, is Achai’s latest song, and it had been phenomenal on YouTube.

Ms. Agok is from Hope and Resurrection Secondary School in Rumbek, Western Lake State. She has been one of the few South Sudanese female educators who are currently teaching and directing one of the secondary schools in South Sudan.  Empowering and educating girls in South Sudan must be a priority because educated women raise healthy and smart families. Let us honor and celebrate our women as they are the foundation of our society. The future is a female.

Comedian Dominic Deng a.k.a Deng Nyadeng and Ms. Ashai Arop Bagat
at Adiang Mayom Fundrasing in Phoenix
 Miss Twic Mayardit Beauty Pageant 2019-2020.
It took place on August 24, 2019, in Juba, South Sudan, and the Winner was Miss Kuei Nyuol Bak. she was crowned first ever Miss Twic Mayardit Beauty Pageant 2019. 

Garang Malang Bol

A Warrior and a Survivor

Kon Andrew Deng a.k.a. Andrews Kays, musician

A South Sudanese artist based in Uganda, Mr. Kays started his music career in 2015 with the first song titled Ana Taban. His music had transcended beyond Juba, especially with his recent breakthrough song called Tell Me.
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