The Current Chinese Aid Model is Not Sustainable

The Current Chinese Aid Model is Not Sustainable

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The current Chinese aid model is not sustainable, it is meant to keep people in poverty.

With the current aid models system in place, South Sudan will never conquer her obstacles and learns how to survive alone without the support from the western world, Japan and China, We are endowed with numerous natural resources, what we’re lacking most is the capacity to operate independently without the help of foreigners. the best Aid modeling agreement we would have been in need is “technical know-how and basic machinery to build industries” not financial Aid because there is a likelihood that foreign financial support does not reach their rightful recipients, but go to the hands of corrupt political officials. “To know how Aid” is the best aid China and Japan could have given us eight years ago to utilize our minds and our resources without expecting them.

The donor nations especially China have attached strings to her aid which will always make us the receiving nation dependent on them. there’s a hidden Agenda of Foreign-Owned Corporations, the Chinese aid is sometimes given to a country or recipient to benefit foreign-owned corporations and entities. So, the help is not directed to the less fortunate, but its people.

When you look at the prospect of economic reform in South Sudan, how it will look after two years to come!, The outstanding procedures designed to repair the butchered economic policies; you will still fine, not even any single plans is in place simply because our minds are being preoccupied with aide or donors who are always there to support poor people. 

We’re not underprivileged, we’re among the wealthiest countries in Africa in term of minerals available, we’re worth $75 trillion resources in South Sudan, if in fact, our targets were to establish our frugality, then in a matter of 10 years South Sudan can come at the front line with other first start nations. 

The aid models before us is a shit hole meant to keep us in scarcity until we’re addicted to the aid providers as our sources of energy, we will always misuse our resources available and expected others to step in and handles our crises. 

We should not forget to set our house in order and very often expect the other country to come forward to help in their economic woes.

Aid is not after all charity. The aid will have to be returned at some time or another. When the receiving nation cannot produce goods or services, the aid is kept up and the receiving nation has to face the humiliation of having debt in the form of aid loans

Therefore, with a heavy heart, I accepted that the current aid model is a sit back design to keep us in poverty, South Sudan must revive this and bring up a new system, we have to train our people to operate those machines. We should not focus on the mineral resources; we have to train our people. Minerals are nothing if you don’t put them to good use. If you don’t have a well-trained and skilled people, those minerals will benefit the outsiders.

Whoever is transforming those resources into finished products makes the most money. They benefit the most. You can be an oil-rich country all you want. However, if you don’t have refineries within your borders, you lose lots of money.

Author; Anjelo Dut Mayuen Kau, a third-year student at the University of Juba.


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