Alakiir Ajak Agutdau

There is Hope

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There are some challenges one faces in life that tends to make them either lose hope, desperate or depressed. Today I am here to tell you that you do not have to feel this way. We all go through these rough tides in our lives so as to get to the greener side of life. For one to have a successful life, one has to go through tough times in their lives so as to mold them for the next chapter in their life.

“Yes, we know… heard it before.” Yes, you have heard it before and you have never seen the reason as to why you are the only one. The question why? Has never been answered. I am here to tell you to think critically about all this. Look at your challenges, troubles, issues from a different point of view.

In our lives, we are always thinking of our future, how to better our current situations so as to attain your goals. You might find one frustrated for being a failure in life, get depressed, ends up being an introvert for not believe in themselves. This also causes low self-esteem. One needs to break out of this shell of, “I cannot do anything, I am a failure. All hope is lost.” Today I want to prove to you that you are not a failure. You are capable of moving mountains, ruling nations, being the greatest person ever lived. All the problems and challenges you face are just for stepping stones.

They are there to make you realize that life is not always a smooth road. You will find obstacles, turns, bumps and junctions in your way. It’s up to you to decide on which part to take and still have a smooth ride through.

I hope my words have changed your view about life and about life changes you face. Life is one step at a time. We should not rush it, we should also not put ourselves down just because of a slippery rock we stepped on and fell. In conclusion, I wanted to tell you that there is still hope, you just have to take that step of  fair and say, “I can and I am.”

By; Alakiir Ajakgutdau

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