Valentine's Day is Every Day!

Valentine’s Day is Every Day!

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First, and foremost, I would like to thank you in advance for taking your precious time to do this interview by answering our questions.

What is the most exciting aspect about each other that you fell in love with?

The most exciting thing I fell in love with is Nybol’s confidence and her fearless approach to anything and anyone. Confidence is the secret to a woman beauty.

What can you both do to improve on that?

What we need to do to improve on this is to show support & encouragement to each other for the things that we both passionate about.

When you met the first time, what did you “see” in each other?

My initial reaction was “wow”…the curve, smile, confidence are few to mention but above all I told myself from that day on I might not have to bend down that much while speaking. I am 6’-9” and she is 6’-2” that make the conversation between us easy and comfortable, doesn’t it?

How true has your vision of me turned out to be?

So far so good.

What makes you smile about him/her?

The fact that she likes my silly jokes and we laugh about them.

What was your favorite dream about him/her?

My favorite dream about her was that she will give birth to a baby boy and we shall name him after my father and great grant father AKA (Nyoulgidpoung) with whom they share the name Nyuol.

How much of that has become reality?

100% of that dream has become true. As I am answering these questions our first born, 2 years old Nyuol Jr. is a tall kid and he is already getting some lessons from his father about the game of basketball.

How can I improve on that dream?

To improve on the dream we need to give thank to God and be grateful for his blessing.

If you look ten years down the road, what would you like to see for the both of you?

Ten years down the road I will like to see both of us contributing in the development process of South Sudan and give back to our people.

What do you see as both of your parts to make that vision a reality?

It takes commitment to achieve success so we shall be connected to the people home and work together to improve quality of life and fight poverty.


Romantic and Flirty Questions

What is your idea of a romantic evening?

Keep it simple and real so invite your girl for a walk.

Where is the perfect first date spot?

 For those who been to Juba, Jabel Lodge is the spot.

What is your idea of the perfect marriage proposal?

When it comes to popping the question and ask your sweetheart to marry you, men should plan it out and put some spice into the proposal so this exciting moment remains exceptional and memorable.

How do you impress a date’s parents or friends?

By being yourself and speak from your heart.

What are your favorite women/men’s scents?

Bombshell by Victoria secret for him and irresistible for her.

Describe a time you felt happy about helping others?

I have volunteered in many events but one that stuck out in my memory is when I volunteered in casting the votes for South Sudan’s referendum in 2010.

How do you define friendship?

Is the relationship between two that is based on honesty, respect, loyalty, and expect nothing in return.

What mistake have you done in the past that you’d love to delete from your history?

I have already deleted it and even emptied the recycle bin in my

How do you handle a friend who is traumatized?

By consistently engage him/her in a healthy conversation that can help in overcoming the trauma.

What do you think you are best at?

The things that I can do with my hands whether are in the field of construction or anything that involve art in general.

Do you take offense easily?

I am relatively a calm guy to a certain degree but if provoked I do snap back.

Are you active in the morning or at night?

I am absolutely a morning person. I found morning time to be the most vibrant and effective part of the day.

What is your best way of having fun?

Playing the game of Basketball with friends.

What is your perception about members of the opposite sex?

A woman is the man’s other half. A woman if full of love, care, and devotion. I personally cannot imagine a universe without women how it will look like.

Who would you dine with from around the world as a guest?

Oprah Winfrey

How often do you sing to yourself? And to some other person?

Once in a while I do sing to myself and to other people, is very limited due to my terrible skill and voice when it comes to singing

Thank you very much for answering our questions.

My wife Nybol Angelo Akok Mayuen and myself Madut Arkangelo Nyoul Madut do thank Ramciel Magazine for interviewing us for the Valentine’ Day Questions. Ramciel Magazine is one of the top South Sudanese magazines currently operational. It reflects the view of the youth and embraces the diversity of the coming generation. We are enlightened with your news and updates, immersed with your modish interviews, and amused with your stylish editions. Keep up the good work.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – The United States of America.


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