What is Desirable? A View from the Publisher

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Ask people all over the world what they know about the people of South Sudan and you get words like fighting, tribal, primitive, uneducated. Sadly, even among our own people, too few realize what wonderful qualities are found among us. No matter from which tribe or region, there are breathtaking people.

What makes them so special? Of course, physical beauty is one consideration but so is the beauty of the spirit and strength of the mind. Some of our people are incredibly creative and some find ways to enrich our oldest traditions. There are so many ways in which people can be desirable. It is our goal to celebrate all those ways and all of our people.

To celebrate the most desirable men and women from South Sudan we will feature ten of those fascinating men and ten of those fabulous women in each of our monthly editions. 

Deng Mayik Atem


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